Changing lives for kitesurf

We are Mauricio & Rocio, a Mexican-Spanish couple. We have been living in Barcelona (Spain) for the last five years, having a really good life but ungraceful. We spent our lives sitting in our offices, working as a “forwarder” in Cargo Flores and as a tax lawyer at PwC. We earned enough to have everything and live comfortably, but deep down we felt something was missing … especially time to live differently.

We spent working days waiting for Friday to arrive. During the weekends we used to go to the beach (even in winter time) to kiteboarding, paddle surfing and other similar activities. But again Monday came and we had to go back to the office… working on something that was good, but not fulfilling enough. During that time Mau became an IKO kiteboarding instructor in Tarifa (Cadiz – South of Spain) one of the best spots worldwide, and worked as an instructor at Kite Experience in Sant Pere Pescador (Girona – North of Spain) with our friends Sergi, Mar, Gustavo and Jordi.

One day we decided we had to change our lives. We had to leave our comfort zones and get into what really made us happy. We did not want to get old thinking about all the things we could have done and never did.

Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf, Kiteboarding school in Tulum

But… What could we do?… First, quite our jobs and think about being our own bosses… What a rush!

We bought two tickets to Mexico, because once the tickets were purchased we could not get cold feet. After a few months we took our bags, said goodbye to everyone and landed in a village in the Riviera Maya on the Mexican Caribbean. While we have decided if this was our place, we have worked in a kite school and a hotel, meeting people, learning about the area and living in a way that we would never have imagined.We have already decided that we stay in the Caribbean, because the beaches, palm trees and having a beer in a hammock at sunset is priceless. We are happy, relaxed and we feel extremely fortunate to enjoy every day in this paradise.
Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf, Kiteboarding school in Tulum

And here comes the best part… We are working on our own project. Next season (starting in November) we will open our own KITEBOARDING AND PADDLE SURF SCHOOL. We have name ”Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf” and very soon we will have logo and website too.

Someone will think we’re crazy, but how good if our crazyness has brought us this far. Someone will think if we won’t get tired of this life… but who can be tired of living in a beautiful Caribbean beach, without stress and traffic in the morning?. It’s a risky adventure, all right, but we’re enjoying every minute and no one can take that from us. It is pure uncertainty and insecurity, all right, but nowadays there is no place more insecure than a “regular job” where a company can fired you without asking if you can survive without your salary, nothing. We work hard but everything is to our own benefit.

In addition, as Eduard Punset (one of our favorite authors) says in his book The Journey to Happiness: … happiness is the absence of fear ...”. Who’s afraid? … We are NOT. Wish us luck!