My crocodile encounter

When we don’t have wind in Tulum for kiting, we have a bunch of other activities to do such as swimming or diving in “cenotes”. For those that don’t know what a cenote is, it is a well full of water created by the erosion of the rock, making systems of rivers of many kilometers under the earth.

I will tell the history of one of this day that due to the lack of wind we did an excursion to a cenote named: Xbalamque with our friends Antonio and Mike of Yucatan Outdoors.

Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf, Kiteboarding school in Tulum

This cenote is surrounded with mangrove and due to the recent rain the water was not very clear and looked a lit it bit frightening. Rocio decided not to get into the cenote and wait for us outside with her friend Eva. So we were only three in the water, Mike (the guide), an Australian tourist and me.

Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf, Kiteboarding school in Tulum

The cenote was spectacular even when the water wasn’t very clear we were able to see some fishes and explore some caves doing apnea because we only used mask without tanks. Suddenly Mike asked us for silence and pointed to one side and did a funny signal with the hands something as jaws closing.

Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf, Kiteboarding school in Tulum

When I looked to the direction that Mike was pointing, I understand that the funny signal was CROCODILE. There it was floating at 6 meters from us, watching us, a crocodile of one and a half meter… and suddenly it came closer, so now it was 5 meters from us and in my opinion ready to attack.

Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf, Kiteboarding school in Tulum

The great Mike calm us down saying that there was no problem, the crocodile was smaller than us and it was probably more afraid, he also told us that it came closer to find a better escape route so I believed him and started to enjoy the moment and the opportunity of being able to swim with an animal so spectacular in its natural environment.

In Mexico we have many natural paradises such as this cenote in the Tulum area.

This post crocodile picture was not taken by us because non of the people who were in the water had camera in that moment. This crocodile is one of many crocodiles living in natural spaces of Quintana Roo in the Mexican Caribbean.