The Wind Festival in Mexico

Around a week ago was held one of the best Freestyle kiteboarding events in Mexico, The Wind Festival. The tournament cartel was really promising!!!

The wind festival 2012 Mexico

Unfortunately we could not attend because the competition was at the other side of the country, on the beautiful beaches of Bucerias in Riviera Nayarit. Bucerias is a typical Mexican town situated on the sea in the Pacific Coast, close to Puerto Vallarta and about 2000 km from here, Tulum. I have always said that people do not know Mexico until they know the villages and the beaches of the Pacific Coast. The Pacific area is something else, less tourism, delicious food … the Pacific is pure Mexico.

One of the beach front restaurants in Bucerías...

Av. Mexico in Bucerías showing many street vendors

The Wind Festival was organized by the Mexican Kiteboarding Association and The Mexican Navy. Yes!! The Navy … I love it! It would not be great if all the armies in the world were devoted to organize Kiteboarding tournaments rather than fight in wars? I know it sounds as a utopia but it’ll be great.

The event brought together over 150 athletes who competed in the categories of Open Freestyle, Freestyle Pro and Freestyle Women. People who attended say the beaches were full, riders offered a great show in the water and, best of all, Anthar Racca a 11 years old Mexican boy from Quintana Roo (our state) finished in second place. This kid makes some spectacular tricks. We had the pleasure of seeing him kiting at Isla Blanca near Cancun, the spot where his family has a Kite camp and he’s amazing. He reminds me of Gisela Pulido in her early years … I hope he arrives as far as she has, because he has enough skills to do it.

Some pictures of the Festival of the Wind. 100% Mexico.

the wind festival 2012 in Mexico

The wind festival 2012 in Mexico

the wind festival 2012 in Mexico

The wind festival 2012 in Mexico