Kayaking between Sian Ka’an mangroves

Approximately one and a half month ago, we had some very especial guests in Tulum, enjoying the charms of the Caribbean and Mexican culture (Eva, Pau and Rolando). We wanted to show them around and we had the opportunity to enjoy all together a kayak tour along the beautiful natural Reserve of Sian Ka’an with Yucatan Outdoors.

Sian Ka’an, which means “where the sky is born” in Mayan language, is a natural area considered a Biosphere Reserve and declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO since the 80’s. Part of the Reserve belongs to the municipality of Tulum, so we can consider ourselves very lucky to be able to enjoy an awesome natural space like this just 15 minutes from home.

The Reserve extends over 530,000 hectares. Its coast is formed by great beaches washed by the Caribbean Sea with white sand and turquoise water, a portion of the second largest coral reef in the world, small bays and three or four different types of mangroves, and other ecosystems. In Sian Ka’an coexist 103 different types of mammals and 336 species of birds like the Kingfisher. It is also a very important nesting of two species of endangered turtles. In Sian Ka’an you can find not only turtles but dolphins, crocodiles, manatees, and many other wild animals as well.

kayaking between the mangroves of Sian Ka'an

Our tour lasted about five hours in which we traveled part of the lagoon and several channels between the mangroves. Channels that were used in ancient Maya as part of its maritime trade routes between the cities of Tulum and Muyil.

The Tour was awesome. Yucatan Outdoors brought all the equipment, knowledge and super good mood and attitude that we were looking for in this kind of experience, and they also brought a typical Mexican food… simply delicious: potatoes with chorizo tacos and chile with corn tacos for vegetarian people, plus fresh fruit and water, lots of water …

We spent a very funny kayak tour. Today we still remember some stories and we laugh … The best anecdote by far was seeing our friend Pau getting into the water with flip-flops, losing them in the mud at the bottom of the lagoon and having to trow himself mouth down to recover them …A memorable image.

Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf, Kiteboarding school in Tulum

Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf, Kiteboarding school in Tulum

Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf, Kiteboarding school in Tulum

The tour was really worthy, the experience was amazing and super recommended for everyone, older and younger people.

Almost at the end of the tour, the view of sunset in the lagoon don a kayak in a remote place of the world, with nothing around but pure nature, watching the sun over the horizon, it was simply priceless.

kayaking between sian ka'an mangroves

Antonio and Miguel, our friends and Yucatan Outdoors‘ instructors, always say that their tours are great because of the beauty of Sian Ka’an scenario, and of course the Reserve is an incomparable natural beauty, but their grace, sympathy, super good mood and attitude and the way the live what they do and their passion doing the job are by far the best and most recommended part of all.

Thanks guys for an unforgettable experience that will surely be repeated soon.