There is no Ikea in the Caribbean

The Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf team was moving in Tulum. Finding home has not been easy, it is difficult to find a good, nice and cheap house here. As Tulum is a town designed for tourism, good and nice are the hotels in the beach and in town, and cheap was no longer available.

At last we found a nice house at a reasonable price and we have been moving. The reason for our move is called Pancho, a Weimaraner puppy that I will present you shortly. We’ve searched a house with two gardens for him to run.

The problem is that when you move in Tulum, Mexican telephone company (TELMEX) takes more than 10 days to give you internet access, and that coupled with tropical rains we’ve had for a whole week, has made it virtually impossible to leave home. So we’ve been without internet, without beach and without wind. A “without” week !

Organizing the house has been another mess! It seemed that we had nothing because we only have been living 8 months in Tulum, but when you are packing you never finish and when you get to the new house you have no idea where to put things. We thought we will put a shelf for these things, a table there for those other things and we imagined a Ikea style house in the Caribbean. Well no! In the Caribbean there is no Ikea or anything similar and to find something decent to decorate your home you have to drive 2 hours to Cancun and pay an amount similar to your rent for a simple shelf.

Finally you understand that you can not have everything in life. You can not live in Tulum, relaxed, dedicate yourself to your passion, spend all year in a bathing suit on stunning beaches and pretend that Ikea has a branch in the Caribbean. So preferring Tulum to any city in the world, we must sharpen our wits to accommodate school and shop Kites at home which by the way are about to arrive.

And speaking of school kites, we have to tell you that we will be the Test Centre and exclusive distributor in Mexico of NOISE Kites, the kiteboarding trade mark of Ben Wilson ( For us, Ben Wilson is the Lionel Messi of wave kitesurfing, but that story will be explained in other post too.

Our post today is to announce that we are here, more workers than ever, and despite this break for reasons beyond us, the blog is ongoing and we hope it will be for a long time. Fortunately, we have now internet access, a tidy house, a hammock hanging in our living room following Mayan tradition and culture, and the rainy season, although it is just beginning, only lasts two months. So … enjoy the summer!

A photo of our new headquarters in the Caribbean.

Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf: kiteboarding school in Tulum