We are Ben Wilson Surf’s TEST CENTRE in Mexico

As we reported in a previous post, Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf is the Test Centre of Ben Wilson Surf in Mexico, and we are super excited about it.

You might wonder what a Test Centre is and why we are excited about the idea.

Well, a Test Centre is a testing and sales center of a specific kiteboarding brand. Those interested in testing a kite go to the brand Test Centre in their country, see the material, test it and if they like they can buy it there.

Ben Wilson Surf’s kites are not in Mexico and we will be the first to introduce exclusively the brand in the Mexican territory, the only Ben Wilson Surf – Noise Kites‘ importer and Test Centre. With us you can see the latest kites NOISE, spread them on the beach and test them. We will explain you the characteristics of the different kites and bars we have ,and we will advise you on the best option for your needs, measures and wind conditions of your main spot.

mexican caribbean kitesurf: ben wilson surf test centre in mexico

mexican caribbean kitesurf: ben wilson surf's test centre in mexico

And if you’re on vacation and you take the kitesurf course with us and dont want to buy a kite in Mexico so you don’t have to carried with you all your trip back, Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf, as a BWS Test Centre, will give you a code to get into the Ben Wilson Surf website, purchase the gear from your country and also receive a 10% discount upon the kite purchased price.

You may also wonder who is Ben Wilson.

Well, Ben Wilson is an Australian rider who worked and sailed many years for Slingshot. His techniques of sailing unhooked and strapless, without having the kite hooked to the harness and with a surfboard to catch the best waves, have made of him one of the best wave riders in the world. His philosophy and target pursued with his own brand is to join surf and kite surf. Why not grab waves taking advantage from the wind strength and power?

In future posts we will talk about his many kite accomplishments, one of these was the biggest wave surfed using a kite. Today we just left a picture of that day.

mexican caribbean kitesurf: ben wilson test centre in mexico

And finally, what makes Noise Kites so attractive?

First, because Mauricio has been surfing all his life and he loves the philosophy promoted by Ben Wilson of joining surf and kite surf (his two passions). Besides, he has been kiting strapless with a surfboard for a while now.

And second, because given that Noise kites are kites designed for waves they are very stable and resistant to crashes against water and sand, typical impacts on a kite school. The kites Noise’s characteristics make them the perfect kites for a beginner who seeks security, strength and stability.

Noise kites are bomb-proof … and we are counting the days until we get all the material here. Soon… very soon!!