Paddle Surfing: Stan Up and Paddle.

Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf, as it is said in our blog, is about beaches, palm trees, hammocks and a kiteboarding and Paddle Surf school in Tulum, a paradise in the Mexican Caribbean.

Paddle Surf, known too as SUP (Stand Up Paddle Surfing), is becoming a fashionable sport on many beaches around the world. The best thing about Paddle Surf is that does not require a great physical or technical condition as kite surfing, surfing or windsurfing, it can be practiced at any age and is quite easy to learn.

mexican caribbean kitesurf paddle surf school and rentals in tulum

Paddle Surf consist on sliding over the water up on a board of 3 meters or more driven with a paddle. Standing on a board is the best way to enjoy the sea from another perspective.

It is a very complete sport, that if regularly practiced increases our balance and muscle tone especially legs (which are slightly bent when paddling), abdomen and arms.

It can be said that Paddle Surf can be practiced in two basic ways, the “quiet” way giving a simple, relaxed and safe paddling trip in the sea or a lagoon, and the “extreme” or surfer way catching waves powered by a paddle, being able to surf incredible waves as any surfer does with a conventional board .

mexican caribbean kitesurf paddle surf school and rentals in Tulum

Not only that, their relaxation and improved balance properties have already made that meditation and yoga classes are being taught on a SUP board floating in the water.

We will explain these and other good Paddle Surf characteristics later in this blog. For now we encourage you to take a course of Paddle Surf to work your balance and learn the basic techniques of paddling on the board.

In Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf we offer a one-hour paddle surf course for just 40 USD, in which we will teach you the SUP’s basic maneuvers, to use the paddle to move and rotate and, above all that, to enjoy and relax practicing this amazing sport. And we offer all this in the incredible beaches of Tulum in the Riviera Maya.

So… Stand Up and Paddle!

mexican caribbean kitesurf - kiteboarding and paddle surf school in Tulum