Surfing with Ernesto

Hurricane Ernesto has just passed through Tulum, he entered August 7 at night. Fortunately, there were not any considerable damages, but luckily for me he left us wind and waves.

That same Tuesday on the afternoon it was my first meeting with Ernesto on the beach. Before his triumphal entry at night, I paddled out with my surfboard to check if the waves were ok and I got the best surprise because I had the best surf session since I arrived here. The waves were about 2 meters, running right and left with a nice wall. It was a great session.

Next day in the morning, after a long night of howling winds, everything was more quite. I took the camera to see if I was lucky and found the same wave conditions, because they were worthy of filming, but the waves were no longer the same, the sea was too moved and the waves went down in size. Anyway, I filmed them while surfing in a morning session and later while kiting at the afternoon one.

Here is the video, enjoying the good things brought by Ernesto and the great song by Bob Dylan.