10 benefits of kitesurfing

For us kitesurfing is not only an extreme sport but also one of the best exercises for your body and your mind.

We have made some research in various online publications, including howlifeworks.com and salud180.com, and we explain you the 10 benefits that the continued practice of kitesurfing can bring to your physical and mental health.

# 1 – Tones your body, especially the upper area, arms and abdomen. Strengthening your abdominal area resulting in turn in a physical improvement of the abductors and legs too. You increase the strength in your arms by holding, the kite in legs by bending over the table to ride, and the muscles of the hands by grabbing the bar.

# 2 – Kitesurfing combines aerobics and resistance exercises. This combination is perfect for keeping a balance weight, molding your figure and gaining physical strength, very important to have a healthy heart.

# 3 – As you have to keep the kite in the air with one hand while you enter the water grabbing the board with the other hand,  and  when riding you are focused on several tasks at once your coordination and your concentration improve.

# 4 – Also riding on the board is great to improve your balance.

# 5 – With any sport you eliminate stress, but if it is an extreme sport adrenaline rushes are much higher, creating a great feeling of wellness.

# 6 – In turn, stress reduction automatically strengthens your immune system and allows you to have a stronger health.

# 7 – The way of navigation and jumping in kitesurf, in which you have to constantly make decisions about movement and position of the bar, body, board, etc, makes you resolve difficult situations on the water, increasing your reflexes and reaction capacity.

# 8 – Like any sport in which you interact with the environment, kitesurfing fosters respect for the ocean, animals and nature in general, as well as makes you breathe fresh air away from the city smock.

# 9 – When you practice kitesurf inevitably you meet more kitesurfers on the beaches, which helps you to interact with people with common interests and tastes, improves your relationships and your ability to communicate. And most important, you know a group of people whom you can talk freely about your passion with.

# 10 – Finally, we can say that kitesurfing allows you to experience new sensations, like the feeling of flying, increasing your level of happiness.

In this passing life we are here to try to be as happy as we can. So … What are you waiting to learn kitesurfing? The more you practice the fitter and happier you will be.

Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf

Photo by Anna Fishkin (Everystring.com)