Ben Wilson Surf Material

We just received the shipment of the material Ben Wilson Surf and we are thrilled with the quality. The kites are bomb-proof made, dacron reinforced in all critical points, the bar is light, with a comfy grip and has one of the best security systems “quick release” in the market. Both bar and kites are designed to endure. It has a short bridle system to avoid tangling with the kite in case of waves. The kite bag is simple and cool without zippers that tend to break in the first year of sand and you always can purchase the Upgraded Bag.

So far I’ve been able to test the NOISE 12 and NOISE 10.

With the NOISE 12 I gave lessons to a student who was a little nervous in a day of light wind with 9 to 12 knots and the stability of the kite gave him the confidence he needed to perform the water-start and stand up on the table for the first time. Needless to say, he loved the kite. It is an ideal kite to learn with a lot of power, a lot of depower and much resistance to the impacts we give it against water and sand when you’re starting.

A couple of days later I tried it on one of those days where stormy, gusty wind went from 8 to 18 knots in seconds with a steady rain that kept the kite wet and all I can say is that I loved. Is very strong, more than any 12 I’ve ever tried and has a lot of depower so you have a large wind range. It is the type of kite you want in this kind of condition when a moments you need wind and a moments you have too much. The bar and safety systems give you a lot of security. The bar pressure is from medium to light, meaning that after a session does not end up bruised arm but lets you know where the kite is at all times. The water relaunch is easy and quick, just what you need in waves. It is a super stable kite so you forget what the kite is doing to pay attention to what you’re doing.

Ben Wilson Surf Mexico - Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf

Ben Wilson Surf Mexico - Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf

The NOISE 10 is amazing. I went out with a wind of 20 to 26 knots approx and I realized that there were people on the beach with their 12 waiting because the wind was too strong for them and I was perfect in my 10 and then the wind beneath and the 12s entered the water and as the 10 has a lot of power, I could keep going. The NOISE 10 is as powerful as a 12 when required and depowers as a 10 with what you have a very wide wind range. For me the bar pressure was the ideal from medium to light. The relaunch of the water is fast-fast and easy because it is designed to relaunch quickly to avoid the next wave arrives. When you go in the wave, the kite accompanies you better than any other I’ve ever tried, is a great kite.

Ben Wilson Surf Mexico - Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf

Ben Wilson Surf Mexico - Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf

One of the NOISE secrets is that jumps great which is normal because is a powerful kite, is a feature that Ben Wilson and his band has not highlighted as they usually go strapless.

In short, it is a kite designed to waves but due to its characteristics can be used as all around and if you are thinking of buying it, you are welcome to stop by in Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf Test Center in Ahau Tulum hotel and give it a try.

Ben Wilson Surf Test Center Mexico - Ahau Tulum Hotel And Kite Spot - Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf