A museum in the Caribbean Sea

Besides Kitesurfing, Paddle Surfing, Diving, Cenotes, Archaeological Sites and delicious food, the Mexican Caribbean also has art. And not a simple art, Underwater Art.

In Cancun you can visit the MUSA (the Underwater Museum of Art), one of the biggest underwater attractions of the world. Inaugurated on December 2010 and located in the waters surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc, the MUSA is a permanent exhibition of around 500 sculptures created by British Jason de Caires Taylor (Artist and Artistic Director of MUSA) and other local and international artists.

The main objective of this Underwater Museum is to promote culture, the responsible and sustainable tourism and the preservation of the environment, especially the coral reefs of the Caribbean, which are the subject of more than 750,000 annual visits. But… How will they achieve this objective just with some sculptures? Well, around these 500 sculptures are creating artificial reefs for marine flora and fauna of the area, with the aim of attracting tourists and relieve the existing pressure on natural reefs. Being nestled in clear, shallow waters, the MUSA allows easy access to divers and snorkelers.

It is an interactive place where people can swim around the sculptures, explore and observe. Among others, the highlights sculptures are: Man on Fire, Gardener of Hope, Dreams Collector and Silent Evolution.

Subaquatic Art in Cancun - Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf Blog

Subaquatic Art in Cancun Mexico - Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf Blog

 Subaquatic Art in MUSA Cancun - Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf Blog

Subaquatic Art Musa Cancun - Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf Blog

Besides, from a few weeks ago fish and crustaceans have special cement underwater houses, with walls and ceilings adapted to each species, created in cooperation with biologists of the National Marine Park, to attract the native species to start living in that “urban reef”.

Subaquatic Art MUSA Cancún - Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf Blog

The message of this art is clear: positive human intervention can facilitate the renewal of nature.

Would you like to visit the MUSA? Come to the Mexican Caribbean.