Kids ♥ Kitesurfing

This week we’ve had the pleasure to teach the first steps of kitesurfing to an amazing Argentinian boy called Joaquin. He usually practices sailing & surfing and he loves any kind of water sport, so it was a great and easy experience to teach him.

Kiteboarding Lessons for Kids - Kite School & Rentals in Tulum

Kids love to learn kitesurfing. They think is exciting and awesome. The best part is that they are like sponges, learning everything super fast, nice & easy. As a kiteboarding instructor teaching a boy or a girl is super satisfactory.

Kiteboarding is an amazing sport, combining water, wind and physical strength. Besides, kitesurfing has the ability to improve and positively impact the kids. Boys & girls can have passion for something positive (different from TV and video games) & productive for their health, body and lives.

In Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf we offer kiteboarding lessons for children. These kite lessons are super safe and fun for the young ones. They are designed to give them a fun and interesting introduction to kiteboarding, with lots of positive reinforcement and gentle teaching techniques with our qualified instructors, who, by the way, have a sixth sense for children and love them.

Kiteboarding Lessons for Kids in Tulum - Kite School & Rentals in Tulum, Mayan Riviera, Mexico

It is recommended that children weighing about 40 kilos to start in kiteboarding, but there are always exceptions. Riders’s children with just 4 years old and less than 40 kilos who are graving the kite or on their parents boards already.

Kiteboarding Lessons for Children - Kite School & Rentals in Tulum, Mayan Riviera, Mexico

Give your child the opportunity to enter an incredible world. You will not regret it.