Why strapless kitesurfing?

I started surfing more than 20 years ago during a summer studying in Santa Barbara, California. After that trip, I surfed all the good waves in Mexico: Zicatela in Oaxaca, Nexpa and La Ticla in Michoacan, Boca de Pascuales in Colima, Punta Conejo in Baja, etc.

When I moved to Spain to study and work I had to find new sports due to the lack of waves in the Mediterranean Sea. Every time I had to surf I needed to travel to the Basque Country (North Spain), France, Portugal or Morocco… but nothing close to home.

I started kiteboarding in Sant Pere Pescador (Girona, Spain) taking lessons with a great instructor called Adrian. A couple of months later I realized that kiting and surfing were possible together. Since then I’ve just been kiting with a strapless surfboard.

I am passionate about kitesurfing and surfing. My life turns around them both… so I can tell I’m a lucky guy.

Learning to kitesurf waves was natural for me from the beginning. Actually it felt weird to have some straps on my feet when I first learned with a twin-tip board. But right after I started to kite with a strapless surf board, everything was perfect for me, normal, natural, easy…

Kitesurfing in waves is awesome but requires to learn new skills and techniques which can make a flat water kiter feel like a complete beginner.

When riding waves you can use the power of the wind as well as the power of the wave. The kite is used to get into the wave, but once there you let the wave takes you. The kite is in the air but is not pulling you the wave is.

The feeling I love the most when kitesurfing waves is passing from one awesome power to another, from wind to wave.

It might sound crazy but for me the difference between kiting with straps or without is like the difference between being married out of obligation or married for love.

In a marriage for love (strapless) the board stays with you because it wants to be with you, everything is natural, you are not forcing things. If something is not going well the board will go away from you.

In a marriage out of obligation (with straps) the board stay with you no mater what, even if you land a trick in a terrible way the board will stay with you because there is no other option.

If you are already doing kitesurfing with straps, try to put some love in your life, go strapless …



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