Using kites to move modern cargo ships.

Sounds really crazy, but some companies are using them already. Kite surfers; know the strength that a kite have. The strength of these depends on the air receiving and the kite size, for example, a 12 square meters kite is considered big and one of 17 meters would be… Continue reading

This is Mexico… Viva Mexico

Today is September 16, national day. The day when we celebrate the Independence of this great country called Mexico. This country treats us so well and made ​​us so happy. There is only… Continue reading

Paddle Surf with Panga Surf

We have already chosen and bought the Paddle boards you could enjoy very soon in our school on the Ahau Tulum beach, in Riviera Maya. The PANGA SURF paddle boards are high quality, super stable… Continue reading

Kitesurfing and Art

As you know, for us kitesurfing is more than a hobby … is our lifestyle. In fact our current life (and hopefully our future life too) revolves around this great sport. But best… Continue reading

It’s important to take kitesurf lessons

To enjoy kiteboarding is essential to take lessons with a certified instructor. Why? The main reason is that being an action sport with many variables, you can get involve in extreme situations where… Continue reading

What is a Cenote?

The cenotes are a natural phenomenon characteristic of the Yucatan Peninsula. The word Cenote comes from the Mayan “Tzonot” or “Ts’onot” which literally means cavern with water. In the Mayan culture, the Cenotes are the sacred… Continue reading

10 benefits of kitesurfing

For us kitesurfing is not only an extreme sport but also one of the best exercises for your body and your mind. We have made some research in various online publications, including and,… Continue reading

Tulum: 3rd best beach destination in the world

We want to prove that when we say our Kite and Paddle Surfing School is located in one of the best beaches in the world, we are not exaggerating. Tulum has been chosen as… Continue reading

Kitesurf spot in Ahau Tulum

We have always thought that we’re lucky people. Although we also believe that luck is for those who seek it and not those who sit and wait for it to arrive. Again since… Continue reading

Surfing with Ernesto

Hurricane Ernesto has just passed through Tulum, he entered August 7 at night. Fortunately, there were not any considerable damages, but luckily for me he left us wind and waves. That same Tuesday on the afternoon… Continue reading

Paddle Surfing: Stan Up and Paddle.

Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf, as it is said in our blog, is about beaches, palm trees, hammocks and a kiteboarding and Paddle Surf school in Tulum, a paradise in the Mexican Caribbean. Paddle Surf, known… Continue reading

Kitesurf superheros

As a child I liked to imagine I had super powers like Superman, Flash or Hulk and as I got older I never stopped imagining. I think this happens to many adults because otherwise Batman and Spiderman movies would not be on display in almost all theaters in the world with box office success. Can… Continue reading

Amazing surf photos

We have said many times that we love surfing. In fact, Mau started surfing when he was 15 years old thanks to a study trip to Santa Barbara, California. He has been surfing… Continue reading

Turtle nesting season in Tulum

In Tulum you can feel life and nature wherever you go. It’s really great how many wild animals live and nest in the area. From May to October is turtle nesting season, so… Continue reading

Ben Wilson scored world’s largest kite surfed wave

Days ago we informed you that Mexican Caribbean Kitesurf is Ben Wilson Surf’s Test Centre in Mexico and also that we loved the Australian rider’s philosophy of joining Surf and Kitesurf in a… Continue reading

Mexican Caribbean’s colors

We live in the Caribbean! This sentence sounds really great. When we speak about the Caribbean we refer to pleasant temperatures and good weather all year round, sunshine and excellent beaches with white sand… Continue reading

What do I feel kite-surfing?

I have being kiting and surfing for many years, I jumped from an airplane with parachute, I love jumping from waterfalls and some rock climbing too. All this are experiences that I enjoyed… Continue reading


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